World cup 2018


Qualification matches. Nothing to complain about regarding last night’s game against Holland. A long way to go still.

I am also not 100% sure that the world cup will take place in Russia as planned. So much tension everywhere right now.

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Oh putain…

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Figues (in French)

My little fig tree has been producing quite a few small and sweet fruits. They rippen in a matter of hours and I am glad none of the birds have caught on yet. There is nothing better than a fresh fig.

Figues de Barbarie

I love those as well. A completely different origin since they originate from the cactus family (originally from Mexico and introduced in Southern Europe by the Spanish).

Anyway they were some to be had at the fruit and veg market this morning. Had one at lunch time. Delicious. They are apparently available between August and October. I feel like a special diet coming on. All in moderation of course.


I came across a blog from a fellow Diabetes Type II sufferer who appears to appreciate figs as well.

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The adventures of Jacques Gipart

Here is another series I am about to start collecting:

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Weight loss

Ten days ago I started a fairly strict diet to get rid of the effects from recent visitors and before the next lot arrives.

This involves very very low carbs (I need to for my diabetes anyway) and absolutely no alcohol (despite the fact that whisky – my favorite tipple- has no carbs)

Have I lost any weight? The answer is a

big NO. Not worth the effort really.

General info on drinks:

The numbers represent grams of carbs per drink, e.g. what you’ll get if you order one in a bar.

When it comes to drinks it’s pretty straightforward. Pure spirits like whiskey, brandy, cognac, vodka, tequila contain zero carbs and they are all fine on low carb.

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Nationale 7

This one certainly brings back memories. There is a whole collection to be had.

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Buck Danny

Who remembers Buck Danny? I have started collecting them again. I still have quite a lot to find / buy / read…


Hubinon – Charlier

  • 1. Les Japs attaquent
  • 2. Les Mysteres de Midway
  • 3. La Revanche des fils du ciel
  • 4. Les tigres volants
  • 5. Dans les griffes du dragon noir
  • 6. Attaque en Birmanie
  • 7. Les Trafiquants de la mer Rouge
  • 8. Les pirates du desert
  • 9. Les Gangsters du pétrole
  • 10. Pilote d’essai
  • 11. Ciel de Coree
  • 12. Avions sans pilotes
  • 13. Un avion n’est pas rentré
  • 14. Patrouille a l’aube
  • 15. NC 22654 ne répond plus
  • 16. Menace au nord
  • 17. Buck Danny contre Lady X
  • 18. Alerte en Malaisie
  • 19. Le tigre de Malaisie
  • 20. S.O.S soucoupes volantes
  • 21. Un prototype a disparu
  • 22. Top secret
  • 23. Mission vers la vallée perdu
  • 24. Prototype FX 13
  • 25. Escadrille ZZ
  • 26. Le retour des tigres volants
  • 27. Les tigres volants a la rescousse
  • 28. Tigres volants contre pirates
  • 29. Opération Mercury
  • 30. Les voleurs de satellites
  • 31. X-15
  • 32. Alerte à Cap Kennedy
  • 33. Le Mystère des avions fantômes
  • 34. Alerte atomique
  • 35. L’escadrille de la mort
  • 36. Les Anges bleues
  • 37. Le pilote au masque de cuir
  • 38. La vallée de la met verte
  • 39. Requins en mer de Chine
  • 40. Ghost Queen

Bergèse – Charlier

  • 41. Mission Apocalypse
  • 42. Les pilotes de l’enfer
  • 43. Le feu du ciel
  • 44. Les agresseurs

Bergèse – De Douhet

  • 45. Les secrets de la mer Noire


  • 46. L’escadrille fantôme
  • 47. Zone interdite
  • 48. Tonnerre sur la cordillère
  • 49. La nuit du serpent
  • 50. Sabotage au Texas
  • 51. Mystère en Antarctique
  • 52.Porté disparu

Wings -Zumbiehl

  • 53. Cobra noir

Formosa – Zumbiehl

  • 54. La nuit du spectre
  • 55. Defcon One

Série <One Shot>

Bergèse – Charlier – Buendia – Zumbiehl – Série <One Shot>

  1. Les oiseaux noirs

Série <Classic>

Arroyo – Zumbiehl

  • 1. Sabre sur la Corée
  • 2. Duel sur MiG Alley

Arroyo -Marniquet – Zumbiehl

  • 3. Les fantômes du soleil levant
  • 4. L’Ile du diable
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