Volvo Ocean Race – Leg 4

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Congratulations to team Scallywag for winning this leg from Melbourne to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the general quarter for the team so it must be very pleasing for them.

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There was a lot of action during these 17/18 days including a man overboard for the leader and unfortunately a collision between Vesta 11th Hour and a fishing boat on the home straight. There was a casualty on the fishing boat.

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Another possibility

Very good wine indeed

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Tellement de choix

Il y a aussi Raymond bien sur…

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I have ran out…

I have no more… Must go and get some.

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The race is back on

After 12 days on this leg to Hong Kong, we have a new leader overnight and namely Scallywag and this despite the fact they had a man overboard and the resulting manoeuvre to get him back.

There are still 2.300 miles to go though.

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Drone pics

One has to agree that  the pictures, taken by drones operated from the Volvo Ocean boats, are amazing.

I would love to know what kind of drones they are using. They must be quite powerful when you consider the wind and boat speeds.  A lot of skill is called for.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 11.40.13.png

If I make it to Göteborg for the arrivals, I shall ask one of the teams. In fact I might email them right now.


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Carcassonne festival 2018

Quite a few interesting names for next year’s festival in July. I shall have to book a few tickets I think.

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